When is a Bad Beat Not Really a Bad Beat in Poker?

Bad beats in poker. They are an amazing part of the no limit tournament poker. But how many of these losses were really bad beats?

In no limit tournaments, players who are all pre-flop usually have a clear favorite. However, just because you are a favorite to win, it doesn’t make it a bad beat M카지노.

Here’s why: Look at some examples where you and your opponent are all-in pre-flop. In each case, you believe you are the favorite but you end up losing the pot. Was it a bad beat?

1. Pocket Aces versus another pocket pair. The pocket Aces will lose 20% of the time. That is not a bad beat.

2. Ace King versus pocket deuces. The pocket deuces are a slight favorite. That is not a bad beat.

3. Ace-King versus J-10 is suitable. The Ace-King is about a 59% favorite. That is not a bad beat.

4. J-10 suitable versus pocket deuces. The J-10 suitable are a slight favorite. That is not a bad beat.

5. A-K versus A-Q. The A-K is better than a 2-1 favorite. That is not a bad beat.

6. Pocket Aces versus 7-2. The Pocket Access will lose more than once in nine times. That is not a good beat, and it’s not a bad beat.

I would define a bad beat to those situations where you are a 20-1 favorite or better. For example, when your opponent needs one or two outer on the river to beat you. If he wins on the river, well, now that’s a bad beat!

Here is a true bad beat that I recently read about:

You have pocket 4’s. The flop is 4-4-7. Your opponent moves all in with A-7. You call with quads.

The turn is a 7.

The river is a 7.

This is not just a bad beat, but it is also sick.

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