How to Protect Your Computer While Playing Online Poker and Prevent All Kinds of Potential Dangers?


Before taking the plunge and trying out a favorite like TEXAS HOLDEM in ONLINE POKER sites, the following safety precautions should be observed:

– Just like in any other Internet forum or site, giving outright sensitive information like passwords, bank account numbers, personal identification numbers and the like should be avoided. Never provide these information to the site (aside from necessary information during account setup) or to other players.

– Keep one’s computer virus and spyware protection programs updated. As it is more difficult for hackers and cheats to attack online poker sites, the easier targets are the players’ computers.

– Due diligence and prior research should be conducted before joining online poker rooms. Snoop around for sites that are safe and legitimate. As a rule of thumb, play only with large and well-established companies. If a company is publicly traded or has offline presence LSM99Click, it is a safe bet. Choose companies that have hosted live/offline events like World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker tournaments.

– Never trust online friends especially with money. There are scammers or even other players out there who would ask for a money transfer in exchange for anything. ONLINE POKER sites don’t have protection or insurance on money given by a player to another. Any amount transferred to anyone online should be considered as lost.

– Follow qualifying rules of poker rooms. When one continues to play despite disqualification due to one’s age or local law on online gambling, one risks forfeiture of membership, bets, and winnings due to misrepresentation.

– Be wary of links or poker programs especially those promising cheating tips as they may be scams from spamming sites, phishing sites, or computer virus from hackers.

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